We started out because we didn't like the way we were treated ...

For a very long time the "dealers" controlled the motorcycle product industry and pretty much decided what to charge us based upon how much of a profit they thought they could get away with. Buying under MSRP just wasn't found normally ... in fact it was a frequent occurence to pay "Retail+" for higher demand items.

Wicked Bastard Cycles came about in 2004 simply because we were tired of that shit. From the beginning we approached this business as a way to make a living doing something we love. Hey ... everyone deserves to make a buck, there's just no reason to gouge someone just because you can. We are priced to pay the bills, but we do our best to minimize our overhead costs. That means we can pass the savings on to YOU our Customers whenever possible.


2023 Shop Service Update

Effective 2/1/2023 Wicked Bastard Cycles has decided to return to our core service of customization of motorcycles.   While we have tried to provide a full range of repair offerings over the past three years, the reality is that we just couldn't turn away a customer in need and we got tied up more often than not in diagnostics and "bringing the dead back to life" when the Customers are unable to find another shop to help.     We sincerely believe in providing the best possible Customer Service and with the changing working environment, we decided it was time to shift back.

Just to let everyone know ... Dealerships and "Powersports Stores" are starting to draw the line at 2000-2002 models years for what they will support.   We WILL continue to help out everyone we can and while that may mean that we make some recommendations for repair options, or even to point you in the direction of another reputable shop ... we are always here for everyone.   

We still provide all of our customer an option to purchase aftermarket parts at a normal discount of 15% below retail whenever possible, and discounts up to 20% on tires every business day.    We have always specialized in helping our customers select and build a motorcycle that fits THEM as opposed to the latest trend or what the dealer just wants to sell for the highest profit.

Email us at any time and we will be happy to help you as best as we can.

Ain't No Rest for The Wicked

We do this because we love to ride and help out everyone when we can with their own individual bike customization, style and approach. Since we are a small family owned shop, we realize we aren't as "polished" as some of the big shops and sites out there ... then again ... we really don't give a damn (that's the benefit of being a Wicked Bastard). Customer Service however is extremely important to us and we are always happy to help out those who need it with their rides. If you don't see something listed on our website or here in the store, just shoot us a message using the Contact Us option and we will do what we can to help you out.
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