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We've been selling online for years now, in fact around 2006 we became the largest non-dealership distributor of Big Dog Motorcycle parts and accessories worldwide in a partnership with Strokers Dallas.   Our sales were almost entirely "special order" where our customers were able to email me directly and ask for pricing and shipping options.  One of the biggest reasons we were so successful on the OEM side of BDM was that we never marked up items regardless of demand ... and in fact often sold brand new OEM parts and accessories BELOW the stated MSRP.   

We were so successful in our selling of BDM parts and accessories that the dealerships started to complain to the factory about us, which in turn caused the factory to basically tell Rick Fairless/Strokers Dallas to stop the process.    For those of you who know Rick ... that's not a good idea.   He let them know (clearly) that he was within his rights to resell in any manner he wanted and we continued our business of providing BDM owners a purchase option other than the dealership network.

Fast forward to 2021 and we have been following the same model of selling direct to our customers using face to face discussions, telephone and email communication to help them find what they need.   Then we special order for them and either do the install or help them as much as we can ... and everyone is happy.   The problem is that since we don't advertise the shop there are a ton of people who have either overpaid or purchased the wrong items for their bikes without ever knowing about Wicked Bastard Cycles and what we do here for our Customers.  

Time to join the official ecommerce world

But only if we do things my way and maintain our Customer relationships

Our online store is presented to our existing and new Customers as an extension of our shop.   We tend to say all the time "We ain't no motorcycle superstore" because of the relationships with our customers.   Now even though we continue to expand our Customer base and make it known that you can buy almost everything from a small family owned shop that you can from the big boys ... the personal relationship is only a call or email away.

Wicked Bastard Buyer's Club

When you register on our ecommerce site be sure to choose to join the WBBC.   Nothing mandatory of course, but it will give you access to several benefits including notifications on special events, product release and the best pricing we can give you every day.   Additionally you will be enrolled in our Rewards Points system which will give you access to additional discounts based upon how much you spend with us over time.

This new program is something that will evolve as we get better so if you think we can do something better please let me know.   Always open to recommendations that will help us all ... here at the shop and our Customers.

Ride Safe !

 --- Nelson aka Wicked Bastard

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