Wicked Bastard Cycles

Ain't No Rest

Est. 2004

By a Biker ... For Bikers


We started out because we didn't like the way we were treated ...

For a very long time the "dealers" controlled the motorcycle product industry and pretty much decided what to charge us based upon how much of a profit they thought they could get away with. Buying under MSRP just wasn't found normally ... in fact it was a frequent occurence to pay "Retail+" for higher demand items.

Wicked Bastard Cycles came about in 2004 simply because we were tired of that shit. From the beginning we approached this business as a way to make a living doing something we love. Hey ... everyone deserves to make a buck, there's just no reason to gouge someone just because you can. We are priced to pay the bills, but we do our best to minimize our overhead costs. That means we can pass the savings on to YOU our Customers whenever possible.

Sometimes we are restricted from advertising or selling a product below the MSRP, and other times there just isn't any room for a discount, but when possible you will see an average of 15% below MSRP (and sometimes more) for our products.

If you don't see a product you need then just shoot us a note at sales@wbcycles.com and we will see what we can do to help.