"Ain't No Rest for the Wicked"

Wicked Bastard Cycles was created by Nelson Wheatley back in 2004 as a result of two key factors; the first was that he had enough of the frustrations of being forced to pay what the "big dealers" decided you paid for motorcycle parts and accessories ... and the second was that due to an injury to his leg and the resulting downtime while healing ... he decided to buck the system and start up his own motorcycle business.   He and his wife run a small independent shop just outside of Fort Worth, Texas with the focus on Customer Service and helping all riders to enjoy the sport regardless of their bikes.

Nelson's father Lyle (left) gets full responsibility in setting the genetic trend for bikes. Having heard the stories of setting records at the Ashtabula County fair in Ohio at 17 ... along with the fact that he rode his Indian to school in the winter one day with his best friend on the back using his legs as "outriggers" ... it's no surprise that the apple didn't land far from the tree.

In telling the story, Nelson tends to point out that his first bike was a Marx "Big Wheel" ... but after growing up a bit he was able to convince his parents that a Western Auto Mini-Bike was an absolute necessity for his happiness. Hitting the dirt with a '74 Husqvarna 125CR on the family farm, the call of the road won out in 1980 with a 1975 Honda 550 Four. It was worn out and tended to slow down going up hills, but he was on the road (most often dirt) and enjoying wind therapy.

With a history of modifications on cars, vans and motorcycles already established, his first "real job" allowed his purchase of his first new bike.

The 1985 Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo was Nelson's pride and joy and remained with him until 2010 when he sold it to the California mechanic who assembled the first '84 version (they were black and gray) to arrive in America.

Although not made for touring / long trips ... the bike made the 5 1/2 hour journey from Cincinnati back to the homestead .. and even to Canada. That Turbo was also the last bike owned that remained stock.


Next up was a 2002 Kawasaki Mean Streak. After being ported and bored, that bike needed some Double D pipes and a conversion to dual lights (Triumph style). It rode like a Cadillac but would stand up straight with the driveshaft and sould like a NASCAR champ when it hit the highway.

The time for a bit of American Iron came with the addition of a 2004 Big Dog Chopper to the stable, which coincided with the need to begin true fabrication of custom parts as well as the desire to provide an alternative to the established dealer network. Partnering up with Strokers Dallas and Rick Fairless allowed Wicked Bastard Cycles to become one of the largest non-dealer distributors of Big Dog parts and accessories in the world.

After an expensive stint a bar owner in Central Texas and the financial recovery provided by a short return to the corporate world, Nelson relaunched both Wicked Bastard Cycles and WickedBastard.com in 2018 to provide high end motorcycle parts, accessories and apparel to their customer base worldwide. By partnering with selected vendors and manufacturers ... and with the minimization of overhead expenses when possible, Wicked Bastard product prices are maintained as low or lower than most of the "big box" providers.

(That's Nelson on the far right after talking a trooper out of ticketing the group he was leading just a bit too fast through Nebraska. The 4th member of the team was taking the pic)

Always a true biker, Nelson frequently closes up shop to ride two weeks a year. The trip from Dallas to Seattle, as well as Dallas to Sturgis and Yellowstone is a frequent event for him and the rest of the "Four Horsemen".

Although the chopper has since been swapped out for a Road Glide Special (which was stripped to the frame 5 days after buying it to "fix it" a bit), the commitment to his fellow riders remains the same.

We've been doing this now for over 15 years based upon the idea that the "little guy" shouldn't have to pay more than their fair share for parts, accessories and apparel for their love of motorcycles.

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