Wicked Bastard Cycles

Ain't No Rest

Est. 2004

By a Biker ... For Bikers

Evil, Mean and Nasty ...

... represents an attitude and our style ... but is not the way we treat our Customers!

Wicked Bastard® started out because of the need to have something custom made that couldn't be found easily. Whether it was for motorcycles, cars, trucks, vans or jeeps; the need to personalize was the driving force behind the creation of our company. Back before Discovery Channel jumpstarted the custom motorcycle business and lifestyle across the world, we were placing our custom stamp on our rides. In today's world, it's relatively easy to search manufacturer's websites and catalogs to find just the right item for your bike (or car, or truck, or jeep, or whatever), but it's a little harder to get something made one-off to personalize your rolling artwork.

With the wide variety of parts and accessories suppliers available and easily accessible over the internet, you can fully customize to YOUR style like never before. But knowing your style and the look you want ... and having the knowledge, experience and skill to put it together ... can be two different challenges.

When you need that extra help with your motorcycle, we are here for you.  We apply the same founding principle for SERVICE that we do when selling PRODUCTS ... you don't need to be paying an excessive amount to enjoy the motorcycle life. Our Service Rates are listed below and we think you will find we are reasonable.


SHOP RATE $85.00 / HOUR The Shop Rate applies for any work that is not specifically stated on this page with a separate description and/or price. Billed in 30 minute increments.
SIMPLE DIAGNOSTIC *Discretionary* As a service for our Customers we will provide simple diagnostics including light electrical testing for free as long as we are not required to dissassemble/reassemble a bike.
DETAILED DIAGNOSTIC $85.00 / HOUR The standard Shop Rate will apply for any diagnostic work that requires disassembly/reassembly for motorcycles, as well as multiple tests needed to determine the cause of a problem.
TIRE MOUNTING / BALANCING **COMING SOON** Service will be priced for either unmounted or mounted work.
TEXAS MOTORCYCLE INSPECTION **COMING SOON** WB Cycles is currently in the process of becoming a licensed motorcycle inspection station.
CUSTOM QUOTE WB Cycles provides custom powder coating services for our customers. Please contact us directly for an estimate based upon your specific needs.
CLICK HERE TO VIEW WB Cycles provides both onsite and remote location motorcycle detailing services. Packages are available with and without ceramic paint protection with warranty. Please contact us directly for more information.
WARRANTY SERVICE Not Applicable WB Cycles does not have the authorization to perform Scheduled Service or Warranty work for any of the OEM programs. We can however, recommend several reputable dealerships in our area.
INSURANCE REPAIRS VARIABLE WB Cycles can provide and install OEM parts and accessories for most insurance repairs that do not require maintaining Warranty Status on your motorcycle.
If we can't find the right product for you or build it for you, we will do our best to connect you with someone who can. That's our Customer Service pledge to you.