SHOP RATE $120.00 / HOUR The Shop Rate applies for any work that is not specifically stated on this page with a separate description and/or price. We have a 30 minute minimum but pro-rate the hourly rate after that. This means that if we work on your bike for "42 minutes" you only pay for 42 minutes. We don't round up to an hour.
$50.00 / $75.00 Customers for our shop are able to transport their motorcycles to and from our location for a FLAT FEE using ACE'S MOTORCYCLE TRANSPORT.   Flat Rate is based upon your distance from our shop.      
SIMPLE DIAGNOSTIC *Discretionary* As a service for our Customers we will provide simple diagnostics and some testing for free as long as we are not required to disassemble/reassemble a bike. Remember you can ALWAYS call or email us with your questions and we will do our best to help you out.
DETAILED DIAGNOSTIC $120.00 / HOUR The standard Shop Rate will apply for any diagnostic work that requires disassembly/reassembly for motorcycles, as well as multiple tests needed to determine the cause of a problem.
TIRE MOUNTING / BALANCING $65 / per wheel * Service will be priced for either unmounted or mounted work.  * The flat fee of $65 per wheel applies to UNMOUNTED tires and wheels only.   If the wheel needs to be removed from the bike by the shop, the standard Shop Rate will apply only for the time to remove and reinstall.    Two wheels on the same visit will be $120.00 for the set.
TEXAS MOTORCYCLE INSPECTION $7.00 WB Cycles is a licensed  Texas Motorcycle Inspection station.  Inspections for motorcycles and trailers may be performed during our normal business hours.
CUSTOM QUOTE WB Cycles provides custom Powder Coating and CeraKote Coating services for our customers. Please contact us directly for an estimate based upon your specific needs.
WARRANTY SERVICE Not Applicable WB Cycles does not have the authorization to perform Scheduled Service or Warranty work for any of the OEM programs. We can however, recommend several reputable dealerships in our area.  For aftermarket Warranty Services, we will contact your Warranty company to determine what they will and won't cover prior to any work.
INSURANCE REPAIRS VARIABLE WB Cycles can provide and install aftermarket and OEM parts and accessories for most insurance repairs that do not require maintaining Warranty Status on your motorcycle.
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